Saturday, 18 November 2006

New Readers Start Here

Yours' truly at this very moment as you read this...

Need to stop a minute. Moving up to Beta Blogger is something I'm still getting used to. I've been on the Mark 1 Blogger for almost two years, but I kept getting asked whether I wanted to move up to Beta, so I thought why not. Anyone who ends up first time around on NoelNatter will get linked through to the new improved Anglonoelnatter.

There are various bits and pieces which make this Mark 2 version of my blog a bit better, as far as I can see. As well as the Dilbert cartoon towards the top (which demonstrates what a techno-sceptic I am) there are various links to blogs and websites I like visiting and are well worth gawping at. I hope to add some more in the not too distant future. They're right down the bottom of the page if you can't see them.

Also I'm finding it takes next to no time to save posts and I seem to have few problems with posting pictures. With Mark 1 I had some real problems sometimes with posting pictures ie I was being told they had been saved and there was nothing on screen. BTW the problem where there was a gap between the top of the blog and the most recent post has disappeared, even before I went onto Mark 2. Touch wood these technical problems will remain in the distant past.

On blogging in general: I did fall out of love with it in the last couple of months. I read on another blog somewhere a few weeks ago that if a hobby like blogging becomes a chore it is time to give up on the hobby. It wasn't quite as bad as that for me, but I realise that I can't compete with the hardcore of political bloggers, who seem to be able to blog about anything under the sun at a few moments notice. Perhaps WW3 will start on my doorstep in the next few days and I can give a blow by blow account of it every two minutes I can become a "star" blogger and even a media personality (spot the oxymoron), but I doubt it. I will blog when I can and when I feel like it. I just hope that what I post is interesting and makes people think and/or laugh. If you don't like it, go elsewhere for your kicks or, even better, start your own blog.

On the subject of interest, I hope to do a lot more non-political posts. I don't think a lot of my stuff is partisan party political anyway. Political posts I put up tend not be concerned with what the MSM (Mainstream Media, to use a blogging term) think of as "political" issues. Nonetheless, a lot of my posts can get a bit heavy. I hope to post a bit more about books, films, music, living in London, famous women I fancy etc etc etc from now on.

ie Fashion Guide, Number 1: How to look incredibly good but also incredibly bad for the beach at the same time (it's my avatar- have I spelt that right?- courtesy of Yahoo, apparently).

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