Monday, 18 December 2006

Ho ho ho

Busy, busy, busy (aka work, work, work). This could be my last pre-Dec 25th blog post, so I will make it short and sweet.

Happy Christmas/Yuletide/Festive Season!!!

Probably some RORO (Racially Or Religiously Obsessed) type will object to the above use of phrase on the grounds that I am attacking "The Christian Christmas". Well, without a pagan Yuletide festival to hijack, there'd be no "Christian Christmas".

Anyway, I hope my mind will be cleared for the New Year, and I can add some extended bon mots to the blog. In the meantime here's some pics about the world today which people might like (or not). BTW I do have a blogging new year's resolution: NOT TO GET INTO ARGUMENTS WITH PEOPLE WHO LEAVE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS. I don't even know if these people exist, and as I see this as similar to talking to voices in my head, I can't be asked. Get your own blog identity or go away!

Anyhow, pics:

& finally- Salma Hayek& Julianne Moore...

...and why not?

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