Friday, 26 January 2007

24 Nights on...

Early morning London- I've seen a fair bit of that recently...

It's the longest I've worked nights. I feel much better than I should, but one upshot is that nearly everything else in my life has been neglected, including this blog. I'm still hoping to do some more overtime in the next couple of months before British Summer Time officially starts (the last few weeks have seen some nights warmer than the July average, but we were hit by snow Wednesday morning gone) but not on such a scale.

Beach Avenue, English Bay, Vancouver, viewed from Stanley Park. Not being seeing enough of that recently!

It nearly goes without saying that the overtime money is intended to fund another trip to Vancouver. I'm off Thu June 28th, back on Mon 16th July. This time I'm staying at the Buchan Hotel on Haro, which is near the Sylvia in the West End. It's a bit cheaper than the Sylvia and quite well recommended. I don't think the Buchan is as upscale as the Sylvia, but it's not a big deal for me. In fact, I think unless you (i) are on honeymoon or (ii) go someplace where it rains 24/7, your hotel room should not be a big deal. OK, it shouldn't look like something to illustrate conditions during the Irish potato famine or resemble a refugee camp (years ago I came close to staying at such places) but one shouldn't be too fussy. Perhaps this is a legacy of me spending my 20s staying at youth hostels (when I hit 30 I realised I want a room of my own when I went travelling).

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