Monday, 9 April 2007

Hoping you had a good Easter...

It's Easter Monday evening as I type. I had a few days out of London in sunny Chester with friends which I enjoyed a lot. We've had quite good weather over the holiday season (and I have caught the sun), which always helps.

I know that the Chester Tourist Board will probably not pay me, but I will plug the following places:

Telfords, which is a nightclub/restaurant/bar down by the River Dee. Good booze and music (young peoples' happening stuff AND the sort of stuff I can sing along to). Bit of a dancefloor as well, although you may end up a bit deaf next day;

Chez Jules which is a very good French restaurant and not hideously expensive; &

The Albion, which is an old-style Victorian pub. When tourists from abroad say they want to see a typical English pub, this is the sort of place to take them. The Albion is a self-proclaimed "Family Hostile" pub, so it's "adults only" really.


Mari Carmen said...

I think you have had better weather than me (than we, I mean, in Spain). You have had sunny days and in Spain, we have had rains and more rains. That's good, of course, because Spain needs lots of rain, but all those poor people going to the beachs wishing a bit of sun... Well, they'll have to wait until summer holidays :) To me the weather has been ok. I don't mind rainy days :) I have loved them. I have stayed at home, watching on the video, Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, time and time and time... again :) You see, very appropriate, all those films and the rain :) I could feel like if I was there, in your country :)
I love Jane Austen. I love Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden. I love Pride and Prejudice very much.
Well, I have done other things during these days like studying French (I'm finishing my French studies in June), reading, writing, going to do the shopping, going to the cinema...

Thank you for writing again in your blog :) You have to think that I need improve my English, so... I must practice.

Have a good Tuesday :)

Mari Carmen said...

I don't understand something... Why you don't have more (or any) comments in your blog? Maybe you don't want to have any comments?

Bye :)

Anglonoel said...

Lack of comments- I don't know really! Perhaps it is because I don't allow anonymous comments (I used to get lots of spambots). Sometimes people e-mail me directly with comments. Perhaps I should go back to people (including the anonymous) being allowed to comment if they go through word verification...I'll have a think.

Mari Carmen said...

That's OK :)