Monday, 10 September 2007

Public service announcement of sorts.

I've been busy. This week gone, during my week off work on nights, I went on a 4 day First Aid course for work. It was a very challenging course, I had a lot to learn, but I passed, so I'm now a qualified First Aider! It also meant early rises for me 4 days on the trot for me, which I am simply not used to! I've been trying to catch up on my rest this weekend, just in time for work starting tomorrow night.

My head is full of stuff about politics at the moment. However, I have held off major postings on it all as I don't want to be overtaken by events and look a complete idiot. That is, there is still speculation that there might be a UK General Election this Autumn. Last weekend there was fevered speculation in the media, but it has cooled off a bit over the last week. It is still unlikely. However, I will take a plunge next time I'm off. On Facebook I have joined one group (which I think is Lib Dem inspired) called "GORDON BROWN, CALL A GENERAL ELECTION NOW!" or something v.similar, and that's exactly what I think. I don't think I can stand a whole six months-plus of endless speculation about whether we will have an Election in the Spring/Summer of 2008. Then the Autumn of 2008, then the Spring/Summer of '09 etc etc.

I have a feeling this could be General Election (whenever it comes) that will break the log-jam of British politics for either good or ill (or a bit of both). Either there will be a decisive Lab or Con victory, which will lead to the disintegration of the Labour Party (not having enough ideas or energy left) or the Conservatives (having far too much ideas and energy left). Or we will have a hung parliament and a de facto "National Government" coalition. The way that Gordon Brown has recruited individual Tory and Lib Dem politicians to help his Government since becoming PM seems to me indicative of a possible future for British politics. Anyway, I want the future and I want it now!

I will say more about this in a week or so. I have also been thinking about how I am going to juggle my various thoughts in cyberspace between my 3 places on the Net ie this Blog, Facebook and Myspace. I think from now on the general of thumb will be stuff that is heavy and/or "political" will get posted up here. Personal and/or light stuff will tend to go on Facebook. As for Myspace, it will suffer from benign neglect. I won't get rid of it, and if people contact me via it, I will answer them back, but Facebook has simply superceded it for me as far as social networking goes. Plus I like the design minimalism of Facebook. With Myspace, every page seems to take an eternity to open, and I don't like to read stuff off backgrounds which seem to resemble psychedelic wallpaper!

Here endeth the lesson for now...


Mari Carmen said...

Yes, it's difficult when you have more than one site to write :) I have the same problem...

I've got a translator for my blog Vida y Sendero. At least, now you could read in English some of my writtens.

Bye :)

Madam Miaow said...

Abandoning MySpace. Yes, but what about the sex pests?