Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sort of update...

Hat-tip : A Very Public Sociologist

Really I should be typing lots. Lots in my mind's eye (as per usual) but I have a strong "manana" tendency in my outlook, which means I put off a lot of stuff I could really do now. I'm not proud of this. I wish I could flush this annoying habit of mine down the toilet of history.

My article on "what England means to me" has got bogged down with two other possible pieces. One on socialism and another on "radicalism, conservatism and populism" (working title). All three pieces wander into the other two. However, with April 23rd coming up (St. George's Day and Shakespeare's birthday) I have a deadline in my head for getting this stuff down on paper (or up on hyper-text). This is my final night of freedom out of 10 before a week back at work. So it'll be a week's time when I start grappling and slaying my article demons.

In the meantime I will leave you with a quote I quite like...

"The mere fact that communism didn't work doesn't mean that capitalism does. In many parts of the globe it's a wrecking, terrible force, displacing people, ruining lifstyles, traditions, ecologies and stable systems with the same ruthlessness as communism."- John Le Carre, Times Higher Educational Supplement, 20/6/97, p.11.

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artista povera said...

Great quote. Didn't realise Le Carre had such an open mindset. Thank you for relieving my ignorance.