Saturday, 31 October 2009

Writer's Block

Apols for the total silence. Getting myself to sit down and type in recent times has been extremely hard. The ideas are there, but I have been evading the task of grinding something out. I could blame Facebook, but that would be a mere displacement excuse.

November tomorrow- so I am thinking new month, new me, new blog, or something along those lines. I've got some technical probs with my PC, or to be more exact interference with my broadband connection, so I might be computer-free for some time (hopefully, not too long!), as it needs looking at. Before then, thpough, I hope to get some stuff posted up. After it is solved, I have a plan in my mind's eye...

Part of the reason I haven't been blogging has beenme suffering a severe bout of 'what's the bloody point?' Not so much carrying on with my blog, but events in the wider world. I want to expand in my next few posts (or at least one of them), but it is something along the lines of: will things ever get any better? I'll leave it there for the moment, but the Steve Bell cartoon below may give some idea of the type of events which made me think: 'what's the bloody point?'

Forward to November!


Madam Miaow said...

Yeah, I know them "What's the point" blues. It's not as if you can look to a vibrant smart able inspiring left and say, thank kerrist for the lefty chappies. Maybe we're in the parallel universe where all the heroes got eaten by necrotising fasciitis.

Cheer up, Noel, and let's do the flicks soon.

Anglonoel said...

I could be tempted by '2012' filmwise and I'll keep my eyes open for anything else in the 'worthy gawp'category!

Looks like JR is making his last stand in the SWP...I'm surprised he hasn't thrown his hat in the ring for the post of Euro-Prez, now 'Mister Flash' (as Angela Merkel apparently calls TB) has as much chance of getting the post as Lindsay German had of becoming London Mayor last year.

Will be in touch! :-)