Thursday, 14 January 2010

Some stuff I've seen recently

Some bits and pieces that I have spotted recently which you may want to peruse.

Joseph Stromberg  discusses the enclosure of land in England and  collectivisation of agriculture in the Soviet Union.

Some brain food for the person in your life who thinks 'My European Union, Right or Wrong'.

Is there an anti-war 'Right' in the USA and can it co-operate with the 'Left' (and vice-versa)? (Hat-tips: and Leif Brecke!)

Meanwhile Michelle Bachmann is being touted as the new Sarah Palin for the Neo-Cons and Born-Agains who appear to dominate the Republican Party in the US. However, she is hardly the anti-statist her public image would suggest...(H-T: Leif B again!)

It is from the Republican No-Nothings that an awful lot of the nonsense about Barack Obama comes from and the internet is a way they spread their notions ('ideas' may be too strong a phrase), as Robin Ramsay shows. (you may have to register to read this link- it's free though!) BTW the latest issue of  Lobster can now be downloaded for free!

As the China v Google stand-off starts, it is pretty clear that battles over the internet, access to it and surveillance of it will become increasingly important in the decade to come. (This came my way as I was putting this post together. H-T: Tim P!) There are several bodies in existence who are interested in various, if overlapping, ways about the internet which you may want to look at further:




Hope that satiates your intellectual appetites for a bit!

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