Friday, 5 February 2010

Quick one on Iraq...

The Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq is still going on. Andy Beckett gave a good account of proceedings prior to Tony Blair turning up to be 'grilled' and giving up a day in his busy schedule of making more money bringing peace to the Middle East.

I did not sit through the live coverage of Blair's 'interrogation' - glass would probably have been broken at some stage- but Madam Miaow did and has given her caustic assessment of the old ham's theatrics. Not much more to say about that although Madam M. does note:

'It's like when he said he hadn't understood that the 45 minute mobilisation only applied to battlefield armaments and not long-range weapons, and simpered, "I wasn't watching closely".'

Frankly, you would think someone who liked going to war and playing at soldiers (with other people’s lives to boot) would know the difference between short and long range weapons. It also begs the question: what was Tony Blair ‘watching closely’ instead? His bank balance?

However, Richard Madeley put all the carping critics of  Mr. Tony into their places. Just a pity some of them, such as Paul Routledge, know a bit more about politics than 'a lapdog for Tony Blair' does.

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Madam Miaow said...

Surely even that half-wit Madeley must realise that his points have been answered already. A waste of time to go round in circles like a goldfish with a 2-minute attention span.