Thursday, 1 February 2007

I am the Anti-Christ...

This should annoy someone worth annoying, courtesy of Jesus & Mo:

It reminds me of all the times at school we had to sing songs about how God was such a good bloke, even though a cursory glance through the stories of the Old Testatment shows what a nasty genocidal piece of work he could be.

It also reminds me of that talentless hippy Cat Stevens, now Yusef Islam, once dubbed by Private Eye as the "David Icke of Islam". While he spouts cobblers about being a man of peace (it's strange how so many people kill other people in the name of so-called "peaceful" religions) this hypocritical fraud still supports the Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa on Salman Rushdie(see below, courtesy of Wikipedia). Surely it's evidence that the Devil really does have the best tunes...

...the New York Times reported on May 23, 1989 that Yusuf Islam was to be on a British television courtroom-style program, "A Satanic Scenario," the following week, and was quoted as saying:

[that rather than go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of the author Salman Rushdie,] I would have hoped that it'd be the real thing.

[If Rushdie turned up at my doorstep looking for help,] I might ring somebody who might do more damage to him than he would like. I'd try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is.

On March 8 1989, while speaking in London's Regents Park Mosque, when asked by a Christian Science Monitor reporter how he would "cope with the idea of killing a writer for writing a book" he is reported to have replied:

In Islam there is a line between let's say freedom and the line which is then transgressed into immorality and irresponsibility and I think as far as this writer is concerned, unfortunately, he has been irresponsible with his freedom of speech. Salman Rushdie or indeed any writer who abuses the prophet, or indeed any prophet, under Islamic law, the sentence for that is actually death. It's got to be seen as a deterrent, so that other people should not commit the same mistake again.

He added that if Rushdie should manage to escape the death sentence he would still have to "face God on the day of judgement."

He has never retracted his statements about Rushdie...

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