Monday, 12 February 2007

Film Plugging

One out already, one to see.

I went to see The Last King of Scotland a few days ago, which was well worth its win as Best Film at the BAFTAs last night (although why didn't Children of Men win anything? Perhaps dystopias aren't in this year.) Forest Whitaker would make a worthy Best Actor at the Oscars, although we all know what that can be like. Plus Last King has Gillian Anderson in it, which is always a plus point ( & a pathetic way of crow barring a pic of her into my blog...).

Right, back to the films.

Coming up, which anyone who remembers Shaun of the Dead from a couple of years back might be interested in, is Hot Fuzz, which again stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost from "Shaun..."

February is usually the worst month of the year for me to get through (so far from Yule, so long until Summer...) so I could do with a good laugh. According to the advert in this week's Guardian Guide, Hot Fuzz "CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE AND STRONG COMIC BLOODY VIOLENCE". Sounds better than Hannibal Rising anyway (" which Thomas Harris graphically flogs a dead horse to death.."). BTW, is it just me, or is every novel published these days written with a film script in mind?

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