Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Why does ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" Come To Mind?

Richard Barnbrook: The BNP's man in the GLA. Who says you can't look good in brown?

This is republished and slightly changed from some bile from a BNPer as a consequence [see below]...

It is worth noting that the BNP got virtually the same share of the vote in this year's GLA Elections- 5.4%- as the NF did in the 1977 GLC elections (the NF got 5.3%. They took 119,000 votes, compared to the BNP getting just under 131,000 this time). The only real difference from 31 years ago is that there is an element of PR in this year's elections*. Under PR it is generally easier for fringe political groups to gain seats (although try telling the SWP that after their latest "cunning plan" ie Left Luggage went arse over tit last week. No wonder Lindsay G didn't turn up to the Mayoral election count...).If the benchmark of racist sentiment in London is the city-wide performance of "the Far Right", not much has changed over 30 years. There are still Racially Obsessed types out there, but overall they haven't really increased in number over three decades.

* I can see anti-PR people arguing that Sharp Dressed Man's election to the GLA proves that PR encourages "the Far Right". However, those who defend First-Past-The-Post will have to explain why when Italy had PR, overt Mussolini worshippers got nowhere near national political power, while now under FPTP they are Government Ministers. Plus I'm sure if Richard B was Italian, Berlusconi would give him a job, simply due to his natty threads...


Sid said...

It's ironic that an ugly, smug, bastard like you would mock Barnbrook's appearance. And you actually look quite a bit older than your age (pssst - the boys down on the common are just flattering you to get your money).

By the way, the BNP's vote was actually better than the NF's thirty years ago because of the huge demographic changes since then which make 5.3% much harder to get. Understand, you thick cunt?

2020: As Nick Griffin becomes PM, Sid and friends crack down on erstwhile anti-BNP bloggers...

Anglonoel said...

Hey Sidney! (or should I call you Mr. Vicious...or Mr. Little?)

Cheers for your first ever contribution to my blog. You really know how to win friends and influence people on behalf of the BNP (I take it you are a loyal BNP member/supporter- or do you think Nick Griffin has sold "British Nationalism" out to the Zionist Occupational Government?).

Unfortunately, that'll be your last to be published here as I've changed the settings. All comments from now on need my approval before they appear.

Before you start effing and blinding (which you seem incapable of NOT doing- or did the Stella/Special Brew make you do it?) on the grounds that I'm gagging your freedom of speech, I would point out:

(i)where's your blog with comment box, so people (ie 95% of the population) who disagree with you can take issue with, and take the piss out, your "thoughts"?; &

ii) by the way you attacked me, you foul mouthed nasty piece of work, I should guess that if you want a picture of future BNP Government, just imagine a boot stamping on a human face for ever. If the BNP took over I don't think anti-Government free speech would last very long. In particular, if your attitude is anything to go by, taking the piss out of BNP would be a thing of the past, and there would be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a defeated enemy.

So, sorry Sid, I'm pulling the plug on you. However, you'll be glad to know that your erudite contribution will be the focus of my next post. If you think I took the piss out of Richard Barnbrook (got a suit like his have you?), you ain't seen nothing yet.

So long, you sad race obsessed loser.

PS I might be ugly in looks, but at least my politics ain't. BTW where's your mugshot? I take it that YOU haven't put male Supermodel Fabio out a job yet...


Jim Jay said...


a) you are not ugly. Not even close.

b) you're completely right to ban that sort of nonsense - although you've probably given him more air time than he deserves.

Paul said...

Hmmm. This is a complex area. By all means ban 'Sid' from your blog, of course. He's obviously a hideous tool. But the BNP vote nationwide can't be dismissed simply as the raving of committed white supremacists. That vote is increasing year on year - it's now in the hundreds of thousands - and I don't believe the number of white supremacists is.

Something wider is happening, and the BNP are becoming a repository for it. Resentment about mass immigration is obviously one reason, but I don't believe it's the only one. The BNP's tack is to present themselves as populists, against the elitism of the main parties. They present themselves as environmentalist, anti-capitalist, broadly even socialist (in the tradition of National Socialism, of course. They seem to be appealing to the disenfranchised - and these days, that's most of us. Liberal capitalism - and, I would argue, liberal democracy - is decaying from within. As in the 1930s, the BNP are positioning themselves to mop up the fallout.

In other words, they're much smarter - and thus more dangerous - than the neo-Nazi yobs of the NF ever were. There's a good, thoughtful piece on this on OurKingdom, which is worth reading. The basic argument is that the old ways of dealing with the BNP don't work - they just feed them. I think this is probably true.

Anglonoel said...

Cheers Paul for the comments. I agree basically with nearly everything you say. The difficulty is there needs some sort of "left" populist project to challenge the BNP which splits the hard core Racial Obsessives (such as Sid) from those who turn to the BNP out of anger and despair with how the main parties are screwing things up big-time.

I can't see the remnants of the Bolshevik Left doing it one iota, even if they were more popular than they are now. I think in England the Greens are the only viable vehicle in the foreseeable future ie this side of the General Election for such a "left" populist project (and that's far from guaranteed). I can see potential in the IWCA as well.

I will have a butchers at your article. BTW, like your blog!

Best wishes


a very public sociologist said...

Re: the non-appearance of comrade Lindsey. I assumed it was because she refused to share a platform with Barnbrook, rather than the LL's poor results.