Friday, 12 December 2008

Break From Blogging

'I thought you had already!' would be a pretty justifiable response. The writing juices aren't flowing at all at the moment. With my birthday, Yuletide and New Year coming up, and everything associated with them taking up much of my free time, I'm taking some free time from it all. I'd rather do that instead of giving you rubbish posts on a regular basis to fill up time and space. Who do you think I am- a newpaper columnist?! (or about 85% of them.)

Not that I'm giving up. I am having a good think (a la Hamlet) about where I'm going with blogging and the three R's I'm good at ie Reading, 'Riting and Researching and where I want to take them. I'm know this blog is extremely integral to what I want to achieve- it just what I want exactly to achieve is what I'm umming and arring about. I think a few weeks away from it all and then getting some ideas on paper (and sticking to them, says The Great Procrastinator) is the way to go.

If I don't hear or see you before then, have a great Yule and same time same place next year!

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a very public sociologist said...

Looking forward to you getting back into the thick of things in the new year.