Sunday, 11 January 2009

Vote for a better blog than this one!

Back for 2009 after a good break from it all. Before I start blogging myself, you may see that there is a competition on the Net for blogs, which finishes on the 13th (Tuesday). You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours in each category from a particular computer and can vote from here.

It is, of course, totally up to you who you vote for. The vast majority I've never heard of, which just goes to show that (i) I'm way off the pace in the blogosphere and/or (ii) no-one in the real world gives a monkeys about the blogosphere. Anyway, there are a few blogs I would ask you to consider voting for:

In the Culture section there is Madam Miaow;

In the Comic Strip section there are two old favourites of mine: Dilbert & Jesus and Mo;

In the UK section there is Neil Clark and Olly Onions, who I think would look better in the Best Humor [sic] section. However, looking at the figures it looks like 'Mad' Mel Phillips could well win, which would forever tarnish our country with the reputation of being sexually repressed, humourless, shrill, self-righteous, mindlessly pro-Israeli windbags;

In the Middle East/Africa section there is Juan Cole's Informed Comment;

In the Fashion section (which is not really my thing but Madam M pointed me in the right direction...) I voted for Slacker Chic (who prefers Monica Bellucci to Victoria Beckham, which is ALWAYS a good sign of taste).

So please day I hope to be in contention for this, if it's not hit by a vote-fixing scandal...


Madam Miaow said...

Wadda mensch! Thanks Noel.

Anglonoel said...

Voting is over and for those of you that who haven't checked:

Anna came 6th out of 10 in the Culture section, which is not bad for a first shot at it!

Neil Clark came 4th and Olly's Onions came 7th. However, the good news in the UK section was 'Mad' Mel Phillips didn't win! You'd think she'd get thousands, if not tens of thousands of Daily Mail readers to vote for her. Perhaps she isn't that popular with Mail readers...

Informed Comment came 2nd in the Middle East/Africa section.

Slacker Chic came 8th in the Fashion section. I suspect a conspiracy by those who think Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon. (They probably think Mel Phillips is one as well!)

Jesus & Mo and Dilbert came 5th & 6th respectively in the Cartoon Strip section.

I'm sure everyone will do better next time, and it's pretty good to be nominated in the first place (people do have egos that like the occasional stroke!).