Monday, 8 March 2010

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For those of you bored with everything in politics being labelled 'The New Hitler/Nazis/Stalin/Communists etc' you may be interested in the piece where I found the above.

Similarly, you may be interested in this if you are bored with people who use 'fascism' and 'fascist' ad nauseum.

John Harris wonders if the next General Election (which may be less than 9 weeks away...stop yawning at the back!) could be won  by a party with the support of just 20% of the electorate. Whoever gets in, argues Larry Elliott, it is not going to be much economic fun.

You have been warned! (Hat-tip: Weekly Worker)

Over in Canada, Larry Gambone wonders if social democracy can be revived in the West.

Various bits and pieces on media, publishing and the internet you may want to have a gander at.

How big business is getting to grips with social networking is discussed here.

How long can things stay free on the Net? He may work for Rupert Murdoch, the arch-enemy of free access, but Santham Sangara has some interesting points to make. It wasn't until reading this did I know that the typical author here makes an average of £7,000 a year from writing. This raises interesting questions about intellectual property, although as Kevin Carson argues, the current laws on IP are not designed to benefit the proverbial 'little man.' For those of you wondering about a career in writing, Robert McCrum's piece may be of interest.

Finally for now, Charlie Brooker discusses the bane of the Net: the password.

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