Friday, 9 March 2007

Back at long last!!

Soon be Summer!!!

Apols for anyone who has been waiting the last month or so for a post. I've been having a lot of PC and Net niggles, but touch wood, these are over. Being a techno-sceptic I won't bore you with it all.

Also I've updated a couple of the links at the bottom of the blog. Hope to add some more in the near future. I'm open to anyone wanting to promote their services or goods if I like what you do. I'm thinking of having a proper webpage and going into Myspace but one thing at a time!


Mari Carmen said...

I love this pic. It's beautiful.

Anglonoel said...

It's sunset, English Bay Vancouver, looking east.

Mari Carmen said...

OK. Thank you. Beautiful, indeed :)
I have a question... if you try to read me in Spanish, can you understand me at least a bit? Or you have lost your Spanish completely? Hope not.

Bye :)

Mari Carmen said...

Well, sorry, it would be: "Or, have you lost your Spanish... etc?". You see, my English is awful, I know, but I'm trying to do my best, and sometimes, when I have written my post I see my mistakes and I say to myself: Oh, no, my God, another mistake!! Carmen, you are a silly girl!! Pay attention!! :)
Forgive me all my mistakes, I'm just trying to communicate and if I think a lot about what I must write, I know I'll make much more mistakes :)

Good night :)

Anglonoel said...

Mari- my Spanish is pretty poor. Being English is really lucky, a good proportion of the planet can speak at least some English. I think to relearn Spanish well I'd have to go an a course and/or go to live in a Spanish-speaking country, somewhere where v.few people speak English. Otherwise I'd become lazy abroad.

French is a slightly different matter, as a good proportion of English comes from Norman-French. It is the main source of Latinesque language in English (the Romans left nothing but place names- any place in England with "caster", "cester" or "chester" at the end of its name indicates Roman origins. Similarly, places ending with "ton" and "ham" are Anglo-Saxon, "thorpe" or "by" Danish Viking). It is easy to use French influenced language in English and pick up French.

Your English is bloody good! If I could speak/write in French, let alone Spanish, like you do on a regular basis I would be very proud of myself. Don't worry!

Mari Carmen said...

Morning!. Thanks, Noel. I know you are not offended at all about my English. I was just giving my excuses to your own language, I wanted to treat it well :)
It's true, I love English, French and Spanish (to me speaking French is very easy, you know, too similar to Spanish). I wish I could learn much more languages, but I think French and English, at the moment, is enough.

Have a good day :)